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Area Sales Director

Southern Service Stars LLC

Marketing & Communication

Sales: Sales Representatives of Services


Work From Home

About the Role

Key Responsibilities

● Recruit, train, and retain top talent

● Demonstrate exceptional leadership and direction

● Drive area sales performance to meet or exceed annual company sales goals

● Evaluate market dynamics within the region and build business plans that optimize the team’s success

● Build/manage relationships with customers/manufacturers

● Maintains effective working relationships throughout all departments and cooperates with all personnel in the Company

● Evaluate the performance of account managers and performance managers where necessary by providing candid, timely feedback

● Adheres to the Company’s compliance requirements as stated in the policy and procedure manual and all other related policies

● Performs other compliance duties and responsibilities as assigned Schedule and Shift Details

40 hours per week, 50-75% overnight travel required Travel

● 50-75% overnight travel required



  • Bachelor's degree or higher

  • Recruiting (1+ years)

  • Sales Management (2+ years)

  • 5+ years of experience in ANY of the following:

    • Clinical Pharmacy

    • Medical Sales

    • Diagnostic Sales

    • Specialty Pharmacy Sales

  • Valid Regular Driver License (DL) certification/license

  • Do you have experience managing a team of 12-13+ people?

  • 75% travel is required for this position. Are you comfortable with this travel requirement?

  • Have you applied to or worked for CSI Pharmacy in the past?

  • Have you spoken with your Relode recruiter about this position?


  • What experience do you have in pharmaceutical, medical, diagnostic, or specialty pharmacy sales?

  • Can you provide an example of a time when you successfully recruited and retained top talent?

  • How do you approach building and managing relationships with customers and manufacturers?

  • Describe a situation where you had to evaluate the performance of account managers and provide feedback.


$15.00 to $19.00 hr.


Southern Service Stars LLC

The Area Sales Director at our client is responsible for leading a region of Specialty Account Managers in the Northeastern US. This role involves overseeing all sales aspects of the business in a defined geography, including hiring and retaining talent, training and development, business planning, budget management, and maintaining key customer relationships. The ASD will work closely with various teams to maximize sales results.
Providing complex therapies to patients in the home setting is a long-term commitment for our CSI Pharmacy staff. Not only do we work hard to ensure all of our patients receive the highest level of care and comfort, but we also love getting to know our patients personally and sharing their sense of success when their condition improves. Here are some of the folks you may meet on your journey with us.

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